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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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there isn't a bike requirement knowing the rules of the road for bicycleest. i have seen in the latest bike coalition news letter which i receive, they are up in arms about the changes in the park station police department in what they are categorizing as a crack down on bicycleest and this is the very thing my experience with all phases and different non profits and phases with city government and people involved hope come into play and help out and mateigate and find some sort of cohesiveness and a middle ground between divergent parties so we move forward because as we move forward and more people take to their bikes we'll have to have more responsibility taken about where the bicycles are going, how they are going and on all phases of it. hopefully i can
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get some sort of agreement in that regard, but i am very please today join the bicycle advisory committee so thank you. >> thank you very much. supervisor cohen >> thank you very much. i hope you consider supporting me as i support mr. paul wells. he is a constituents and came before the 3 4 f1 i would like to
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send this as a committee report. >> we can take that without objection. congratulation.
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>> item 3 is hearing to consider one-person appointed to park and recreation advisory committee. there is one seat and one applicant. >> like to welcome up mr. mu scobeian. i bow know better than that. >> thank you. hi supervisors. my name is dens maus scofeian and served as district 5 representative since august 2011 on parks and open space. i was nominated by the sierra club and renominated a second time by supervisor breed. i live in district 5, in fact i was born and raised and still live in district 5, so 2/3 of my life in district 5. instead of maybe telling you what my qualifications are maybe i
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should tell what we have done and experienced in the last 3 years or so y. have been a strong advocate for parks particularly open and free access to the park squz that isn't always successful because as time goes on given budget constraints and other policies more and more space is based on reserveations or fees. i also spents a lot of time urging along with colleagues pritorization of acquisition funds into those districts in san francisco that have the greatest needs because they have the least amount of open space with the most glaring example is district 6. in 2012 i pushed hard for playground funding, at the time there were 30 playgrounds on the listment we got 15 and a half million dollars and that is expected to fund 6 so there are 24 more
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that will languish until the next time we do this. that means they fall behind and a concern i raised is we figure a way to use the money so we improve more playground in each round rather spending so much on each one so it leaves so many behind. in any case i pushed hard for more money in the campaign to get more money for mu claren pack and we were successful getting 10 million for mu claren park. >> i appreciate that >> i thought we have a 317 acre park, it is like the biggest in the city and named after mu claren and it is neglected for decades so hopefully thal money will bare fruit. back in 2011 [inaudible] recruited by planning to work with planning
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department on the recreation open space element to try to create consensus among a whole series of commenters so we formed a group with all these diverse commenters and in a period of 2 years produced a side by side comparison and 95 page document we gave to planning and a lot of the amendments we made were adopted and did improve the roads even so we didn't get everything we wanted. we were not able to eliminate all the [inaudible] we were tibel achieve significant improvement to the general plan. in septumber 2013 harvey rose issued [inaudible] prozac you are not able to complete your abigations under the charter because the department failed to produce the 5 year strategic plan and other plans it is
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obligated to so i was assigned to chair, a working group and we did an assessment of that audit and prozac supported the final report and then early this year, it was last year rather, this year, we learned that in fact rpd had come up with a strategic plan to get harvard business school to do 6 months of probono work so prosc, signed me to the working group and extendsed that to prozac and came up with a list of proposals and over a course of time in meet wg the department heads we were able to make a considerable number of amendments to improve this so all that is a consequences
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of the last period of time during which i had the pleasure, sometimes pain work wg lot of people trying to figure out how to improve our park system and how to improve the management. there are a couple areas i still focus on and want to tell you what those are. i'm concerned there isn't sufficient funding from the general fund for had park cyst squm insufficient funding for maintenance in general the attitude there last decade or more is maintenance is very difficult to pay for so if we let facilities detearierate we replace with bond money because bond money is used for capital funds and brick and mortar and get a new futill silty. i think the general attitude is we should put a lot of money in to sustain what we have rather than just do what we have done in the past. those are ongoing
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pictures we are pushing and that is a lot of support in prosc for that. i appreciate being able to continue and need your support to do that. >> thank you. i and prepared to support you when we come to a vote, but thank you for your service on prosc and your contributionerize significant in terms of the committee and reck and park. >> i'm prepared to support mr. dens-i have fond memories of working with him when i was first elected back in 2007, there was a item that was my first contentious issue we were dealing with on the board and think it had to do with [inaudible] fees. we ended up being on opposite sides he was very very very gracious to myself and niece and think my
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sisters came out and gave us a tour and spent time with us and explained his perspective as well as the coalitions perspective. since then we have been on the same side of issues and different side of issues but one thing i appreciate the most and think this is a true hall mark of leadership is there is a level of respect to respectfully disagree and dennis embodies that. i have come before the prozacs committee and think you were against us for that as well. >> i supported you on the [inaudible] and on 900 [inaudible] >> the point i was trying to make is we walk a similar
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pathway of want toog see park squz open space maintained across the entire city not just on the west side but also the entire city >> absolutely >> that is-our paths may diverge every now and then you have been a gentlemen and a true leader and i applaud you for sticking to your values sometimes when it isn't politically expedient and have a tremendous amount of respect for you in the work you have done and happy to support you today. i hope we can move this item quickly and get you back to where you belong. >> thank you. can i just throw one observation? when kimble, which is located on steiner and -just south of geary, which it was redone, the field was redone, that was used by the youth in the area and didn't
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know much about it and had tolearn more mptd after the field was redone and field access was becoming reserveivation base i got complaints from the neighbors the kids couldn't go on and drop in. drop in play was i think a big thing because i grew up that way. we didn't organize it just a bunch went and played softball or basicalball. we haven't been successful in that because the revenue first model that the parks department adopted since 2010 means generation of funds that comes from reserveivation and over 50 percent of all the funds coming through reserveivation and fees come from soccer and that is what happened at kimble. we were not successful to change it but i was concerned about that thing. it happened in the
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mission district when someone showed up and the guys in the afternoon play pick up soccer and were told you have to pay a guy 5 or 10 bucks otherwise they couldn't play. it created a outrage. those are the kind of things i think are mistakes and can be corrected but we haven't been successful because of the issue of revenue. that is just my share. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay we can open for public comment. any member of the public like to comment? please come forward. >> good afternoon commissioners. supervisors. i know this is one person for one seat but when a good person steps forward is t is important to say good thipshs about them. i worked with dennis many
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times and have found him to be one of the main champions in city operating in sit ahall making the city beautiful and keeping it beautiful and not letting it slide including open space of course. the other thing i found really important about dennis when i worked with him in the past is he is very no nonsense. when you advocate a issue you can be hypobolic but when dennis was in the room adviceing me what i was working for in city hall policy he know the law and policy and history so well he was with a very no nonsense way tell me what is up and that kind of knowledge is extremely valuable and speak tooz the need to reappoint him. i also want to chime in support of emphasis and comments-naomi cline wrote the
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shock doctrine when whereit talks about how you can create a false crisis in federal government and local city programs by not funding from general fund and faxes taxes and that allows private entities to come in and take a hold of public spaces and it is crucial to keep dennis fighting to get things properly funded so we don't have to keep turning to private parties to fund our parks, that isn't a good direction to go. thanks. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> hello i'm sally johnson and think that parks should be organized and [inaudible] the
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trees and flowers [inaudible] people who love the park and to get money to [inaudible] to play in. [inaudible] which make it more beautiful. i do like bicycles [inaudible] i got hit by a car and got some money for that and that helped me out. my mother took most of
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it. there again, everybody get rich off me and don't get nothing. i hope this don't keep on going and there is some kind of line [inaudible] i would think that mathematical procedures and [inaudible] how it is all kept up is really important. thank you >> thank you very much and seeing no other members of the public we'll close public comment and this item is before us. i'm in support of mr. [inaudible] >> excellent, glad to hear that. sounds like we are on a consensus and like to make a motion we move forward mr.
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dennis mu scoffian >> i second that. >> as a committee report. no, we just move forward. >> okay. we take that without objection. thank you. next item, please >> item 4 is a hearing to consider appointing a member term ending march [inaudible] to commission on the [inaudible] there is one seat and one applicant. >> thank you just [inaudible] reverend hope. this is a appointee for district 11 seat and supportive of a [inaudible] is not here today so but representing her is reverend hope and we'll open public comment for her to speak on mrs. [inaudible] behalf >> thank you for the courtesy. she apologizes she is on the east coast tending to her 86 year old mother and thank you supervisor avalos for make tg possible for us to engage
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[inaudible] as a lead organizer for a multigenerational ages place network in the outer mission district. in a short period of time she organized a program which has a 3 time a week vigious exercise class which is so popular we vawaiting list. [inaudible] decluttering work shop. free audiology test in english, chinese and spanish. pot lucks and entertainment as mixers. people getting to know their neighbors and this reflects the rilsh diversity of our neighborhood. a program on will, trust and advanced directives. she teaches computer classes so seniors dopet become isolated because they don't know how to use computers and other devices.
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she has a arts and crafts and oral history video going. there is a upcoming work shop on utilizing device frz medical alert devices following a terrible situation where a participant fell in the basement and cracked a known in her neck and she also-that is probably enough accept to say this innovative aging and place model is operating for a mere 40 thousand dollars. the entire city should be taking a look at this. >> thank you very much and it is amazing the community connectors program. we just started last year and patty and all the other volunteers who have worked on it have done amazing work. i was so impressed to go there and see how much of a difference all the
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elderly folks who were there talked about how it made in their life and then talked to the volunteers and they said how much it is meant to do the work as well. some said they are were so much more healthy and a lot of the volunteers were seniors too. i'm supportive of patricia [inaudible] on her work and know she was be a exceptional person on the commission. this item is open for public comment. any other member of the public like to comment? seeing none we'll close public comment and make a decision here. colleagues i would like to move to support patricia [inaudible] as the district 11 representative for the commission on aging advisory counsel >> second. we both second. >> okay we'll take that without
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objection. before item 5, i would like to take a 5 minute recess, just a quick break and then we'll be right back. we are in recess for 5 minutes. [committee in 5 minute recess]
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